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Help HSLDA defend homeschooling families and protect parental rights for future generations by making a tax-deductible donation to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.
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Questions? Contact us at or 540-338-5600.

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Fund FAQ  

  • What is the Homeschool Freedom Fund?

    Administered by the Home School Foundation, the Homeschool Freedom Fund helps support HSLDA’s litigation work, international work, and education of the public. Defending homeschool freedom in the courts is costly, but crucial to protecting this freedom for both member and nonmember families.

    More information about the relationship between the Homeschool Freedom Fund and HSLDA is available here.

  • What is the relationship between HSLDA and Home School Foundation?

    HSLDA consists of two separate corporate entities, the Home School Legal Defense Association and the Home School Foundation. It is necessary to have two separate organizations to enable us to do the broad range of work necessary to protect homeschooling freedom.

    Supporters can choose to make a donation to HSLDA, the Home School Foundation or both. A donation to either organization will be used to support, promote and defend homeschool freedom.

    Both organizations support HSLDA’s extensive litigation work and education of the public. However, certain important activities carried out by HSLDA cannot be supported with tax-deductible gifts. This is primarily in the area of lobbying, because federal law limits the amount that a tax-exempt organization like the Home School Foundation
    (a 501c3) can spend on lobbying.

    Our work to promote parental rights at the state and federal levels, our efforts to protect homeschoolers from invasive federal measures, and our push to keep a level playing field for homeschool graduates in bills dealing with college financial aid are just a few examples of work that can only be funded through non-deductible memberships and gifts to HSLDA.

  • Are gifts and membership dues tax-deductible?

    Donors who wish to make a tax-deductible gift can do so by contributing to the Home School Foundation through the Homeschool Freedom Fund. HSLDA membership is not tax-deductible. Many donors choose to make nondeductible gifts in support of HSLDA as well as tax-deductible gifts to the Foundation.

    • Join HSLDA.
    • Make a non-deductible gift in support of HSLDA’s litigation, education and lobbying efforts.
    • Use this page to make a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation’s Homeschool Freedom Fund, which will fund our litigation work and education of the public.
  • Is a donation to this fund the same as HSLDA membership?

    No, a gift to the Homeschool Freedom Fund is not the same as membership with HSLDA.

    HSLDA was founded as and continues to be a membership-based organization. Our members are crucial in helping us to continue the daily battle on behalf of homeschooling and parental rights. When we tell a judge, social worker, or military recruiter that we represent over 80,000 member families, our voice is heard!

    HSLDA members receive special benefits including access to legal services and educational consultants, the ability to purchase from HSLDA’s online Curriculum Market, special discounts from nationally recognized vendors, and much more.

    Donating to the Homeschool Freedom Fund is an excellent way for homeschoolers to support the ministry of HSLDA above and beyond their membership dues. It also provides a way for nonmembers to help further HSLDA’s core mission of advancing and protecting homeschool freedoms.

    Interested in HSLDA membership? Please complete our online application!

  • What is the Home School Foundation?

    The Home School Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that was established by HSLDA in 1994. As HSLDA’s charitable arm, the Home School Foundation supports homeschool groups and needy homeschooling families, as well as HSLDA’s litigation work and education of the public.

    Gifts to the Homeschool Freedom Fund are processed by the Home School Foundation so that donors may receive a tax receipt.

  • Instead of using the online donation form, can I mail my gift to the Homeschool Freedom Fund?

    Yes. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Homeschool Freedom Fund and mailed to:

    Homeschool Freedom Fund
    P.O. Box 1152
    Purcellville, VA  20134-1152

  • How do I leave a portion of my estate to HSLDA?

    The simplest way is to designate an amount to the Homeschool Freedom Fund directly in your will. All donations to the Homeschool Freedom Fund, no matter the amount, are tax-free and will go to support, promote, and defend homeschool freedom. More information on this fund can be found here. Sample wording is provided below.

    I give and bequeath the sum of $________ to the Home School Freedom Fund, a restricted fund of Home School Foundation dedicated for the preservation and protection of homeschool freedom. The Home School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (currently located at P.O. Box 1152, Purcellville, VA 20134).

    If you wish to consider other gifts-in-kind (stocks and other non-cash donations), please contact Tracy Klicka MacKillop, Director of Development at the Home School Foundation: or (540) 338-8688. As with any matters involving your will and estate, HSLDA recommends that you consult with your legal advisor for the proper procedure to comply with your state’s estate law.

  • Contact us:

    If your question is not answered above, please feel free to contact our office at 540-338-5600 or